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Filter Pump Industries is the world leader in commercial pump and filter systems. For over 30 years they have designed and manufactured leading edge fluid management system for commercial applications; their products are marketed and used worldwide.

Their website offered several challenges; it had to be easy to manage by non-technical staff, hold over 3000 items and be easy to update. Of course they wanted their website to reflect the quality and aesthetics of their products, so it had to look good and still be easy to navigate by the end-user.

They also wanted to transition from paper based catalogs and technical data sheets to digital files which would be easier to keep updated.

To achieve this, we created a site that is entirely database driven with an extremely easy to use administrative console and an enormous amount of flexibility.

Filterpump.com is one of those rare instances where beauty is more than skin deep. The administrative console that controls the website allows Filter Pump's staff to add, change and delete entire classes of products without worrying about any html. The site is "smart", eliminating the potential for common errors like missing images or broken links. Changes can be applied globally or down to a single sku. Our "intelligent" back-end takes care of all the administration while creating pages on-the-fly. The result is a dynamic, database driven website that is every bit as fast as the fastest conventional (static html) site on the web.

We encourage you to visit filterpump.com and see for yourself how nice an intelligent database driven website can be. 

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