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PBC International is a leading manufacturer and importer of plush toys and gift items. They produce several extensive color catalogs in addition to numerous "product sheets". Before meeting HLI they were suffering with the long production times, expensive studio photography and whim of freelance graphic designers typical of traditional catalog production.

We analyzed PBC's needs and designed a digital production studio system to fill their current and future requirements while staying within a stringent budget.

The pay back was immediate - the system literally paid for itself with the savings realized on the first catalog it produced. The state-of-the-art Power Macintosh workstations, Tektronix color printers, high-resolution digital camera and controlled studio lighting allow PBC's design staff to produce high-quality catalogs and product brochures in a fraction of the time and expense of conventional means. This translates directly into more sales for less costs!

During the past year PBC has realized such substantial competitive and monetary gains from this system that they have doubled its capacity adding additional workstations and on-demand color printers. They now are producing all of their short run color printing in-house, in a fraction of the time and for less money than ever before.

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